askew是什么意思(askew的用法 askew的音标)

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askew是什么意思(askew的用法 askew的音标)

askew [英 [əˈskju:] 美 [əˈskju] ]



askew 基本解释


副词& 形容词歪歪扭扭; 歪,斜


askew 网络解释

1. askew

1. 斜的:ash content 灰分 | askew 斜的 | asparagus stone 黄绿磷灰石

2. 歪斜的:asker 发问者 | askew 歪斜的 | asking price 索价

3. 歪的、斜的:reference picture of street furniture街道家具布置意向图 | askew歪的、斜的 | aesthetics美学

4. 歪斜地:asked 卖方要价 | askew 歪斜地 | askewawrydeflective 歪斜的

askew 双语例句

1. You're wearing heavy, cold-weather gear and usually topple over once or twice on the way down, skis askew in the air, the biting chill of the wind hitting your face.



2. Tieguanyin tea characteristics are: the crown put on exhibition, branches obliquus, oval shaped; tip droop slightly askew, leaf margin teeth sparse and blunt, slightly rolled to the back; mesophyll charges, the leaf-shaped uplift¨with apparent rib shape, leaf color green shine, shoot stout and strong, slightly purplish red.


3. Green poke gently to reveal that a lotus flower in full bloom, pink petals of bright yellow-tipped stamens, depicted, although it has been to stem the storm of wind and percussion askew, but it still stand tall, like a fairy arch of the most beautiful, the most decorated in beautiful colors of green is not high up.


4. They all seemed depressed; and Hauser had brought an old spelling-book with gnawed edges, which he held wide-open on his knee, with his great spectacles askew.



5. Mr Askew and Ms Guthrie left the company earlier this year for no given reason.


6. In a position that is turned or twisted toward one side; askew.


7. Main complications were expulsive choroidal hemorrhage, vitreous hemorrhage, low intraocular pressure, choroidal detachment, IOL askew and corneal edema after operation.


8. The first to raise my son is not even very stable when he raised his head and will always be inclined to one side, he will not be askew neck ah?


9. askew的意思

9. English: The first to raise my son is not even very stable when he raised his head and will always be inclined to one side, he will not be askew neck ah?


10. The face of a streetwalker glazed and haggard under a black straw hat peered askew round the door of the shelter palpably reconnoitring on her own with the object of bringing more grist to her mill.


11. With frowsy hair, skirts askew and red hands, she talked loud while washing the floor with great swishes of water.


12. Both the Bruce and Askew Codices have been translated into German by C.



13. One police car parked askew, a gray car parked in the news-gathering on the sidewalk.


14. But, leave badly have all sorts of fie-fie methods, some to turn over, some develops a circuit, some askew, some leaves at all not straight, so you see them can have fun more a bit.


15. Even though received emergency treatment, the Princess was still left with scar on the burned wounds. Especially on her neck, because of the skin-grafting operation, the lovely princess`s head appeared to be a little askew.


16. Those priceless look of the tea set are very simple shapes askew, no luxury of the rich gas.


17. Sected hapalogenys: deformation, cutting Askew, right-angle varying water caltrop books made of paper brake pressure or paper gate is not straight.


18. askew

18. Strange thing happened, the woman askew dragon figure actually moved up, the dragon marks beating heart leap with, I thought, this picture really famous...


19. It can be the body language the talking heads on TV give, or the sense that the weather and seasons are off kilter and none of the excuses being given explain this properly. Or for those astute enough to know where their Moon should be during the month, or noting the sunrising or setting askew from where it should be, sensing that they are being lied to when the establishment ignores what their very eyes see.


20. Christian Dior creative director Raf Simons did that quite literally in skirts that set pleats askew, so that they radiated out from the left hip, curving around the body and ending in a swishing fishtail behind the knees.


askew 词典解释

1. 斜的;歪的;不平的

Something that is askew is not straight or not level with what it should be level with.


e.g. She stood there, hat askew...


e.g. There were no shutters at the windows, and some of the doors hung askew.


askew 单语例句

1. Ong will succeed Steve Askew, who resigned from the company for personal reasons.

2. The accident left his front left tire badly askew, blackened the chassis and shredded his rear tire.

3. Rat Having your love life go temporarily askew will encourage you to revise your behavior based on better foundations.

4. Maya and the Doll is a colorful portrait of a young blonde girl in pigtails, eyes askew in a Cubist perspective.

5. Council member Charles Barron of Brooklyn told The Associated Press that he encountered Davis and Askew outside City Hall on their way into the meeting.

6. It was blown askew before we could fasten the corners in the sand.

7. Ong will succeed Steve Askew, who has resigned from the company for personal reasons.

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